Compaq Presario 16XL AC Adapter

Compaq Presario 16XL AC Adapter - Image 1
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Compaq Presario 16XL AC Adapter

Manufacturer: Compaq/HP


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This is a Brand New Original AC Adapter for HP Compaq Notebooks.

Part Numbers: 198713-001, 222113-001, 180676-001, 177626-001, 198237-001, 298239-001, 298237-001, PA-1600-01.

Compatible Notebook Models:

HP Compaq Presario 1600XL Series : HP Compaq Presario 16XL, 16XL1, 16XL14, 16XL141, 16XL142, 16XL143, 16XL144, 16XL145, 16XL146, 16XL147, 16XL15, 16XL150, 16XL25, 16XL255, 16XL256, 16XL257, 16XL466, 16XL500, 16XL600, 16XL650, 1690XL, 1600-XL1.

Product Specifications:

Power Cord: Included
Output: 19 Volt, 3.16A
Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.5A.
Condition: Brand New
In Stock: Yes

Original Product

Part Numbers:

This product is compatible with notebook models:

Compaq Presario 1200 Battery
Technology: Li-Ion
Capacity: 4400 mAh
Voltage Provided: 14.8V
Color: Black
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Li-Ion battery for Compaq Tablet PC TC1000/1100
P/N: 301956-001, 302119-001, 348333-001
Technology: Li-Ion
Capacity: 3600mAr
Voltage Provided: 11.1V
Color: Black-Silver
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Compaq Presario V4100 AC Adapter
P/N: 239427-001, 239704-001, 265602-001
Cables: Included
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Compaq Business Notebook NC8200 Battery
P/N: 361909-001, 361909-002, 381374-001
Technology: Li-Ion
Capacity: 68Wh
Voltage Provided: 14.4V
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